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Iker Bardaji, Founder & Manager


Born in San Sebastian, Basque Country, I’m an enthusiastic person who loves travelling and sharing my experiences with people.

I have visited over 50 countries and guided travellers  for over 12 years.

After travelling around the world in my last big trip, during 14 months, I decided to set up this bussiness to offer the travellers an unique view of the Basque Country & Rioja and surroundings like a local.

I have a long experience guiding people along the Basque Country, specially around San Sebastian, Bilbao, Pamplona, Vitoria as well as the French-Basque Country and the famous Rioja Wine region.

As well as I travel abroad often, I love to work showing my city and surroundings, guiding people to the best places, not only to the touristic ones, but to the off-the-track ones too. Always adding some of my little stories and anecdotes of each place making the journey more enjoyable and unique.

Living in a place with a food-culture like us, it adds an extra value to my tours, being a member of a Gastronomy Club as I am (famous «sociedad gastronónica») in San Sebastian .
This is only one of some of the tips I would offer you, considering that the only way to visit and access to them is being invited by a member! Great experience not to be missed!!

Would you like to listen to some of the stories I have to share, while I show you the beautiful country where I live in is?

Come and feel the experience of the Basque Country with a real local guide! Ongi etorri! («Welcome» in Basque).

The company


BASQUE GUIDES is a specialist guiding company that serves you personal assistance to offer unique experiences along the Basque Country and Rioja wine region.


Our goal is to take you to the heart of the Basque Contry’s and Rioja’s cultural, gastronomical and geographical treasures in small private groups.


We are native and multilingual guides with professional knowledge of our homeland creating tailor-made tours to suit your interest and needs.

Wheter you are looking for an unforgettable culinary experience, an adventure in the lush countryside, an insight into the history and loc of life of this intriguing part ot northern Spain and southern France; or a mixture of all of these, we will create your ideal tour.


The flexibility of our personal guides makes us unique. We take pride in customizing our tours to your individual priorities, enabling you to discover both the world class attractions and hidden corners of the Basque Country, Rioja and French south west part; extraordinary places which will bear remarkable memories.

Discover the Basque Country & Rioja wine area like a local. Personalized tours adapted to your willing and need guided by the expert local tour guides.

We are specialized in gourmet food and wine, culture, adventure and nature tours making you feel  a temporarily basque citizen.


BASQUE GUIDES customized tours allows you to get the most out of your limited time, and gives you the chance to experience the extraordinary.

We know how to explore the country in your way, ask for any idea and we will make it.

BASQUE GUIDES welcomes you to the Basque Country and Rioja.


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